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Memory and the Human LifespanJoordens, SteveAudiobook CDCD 153.12 Joordens
How to Read and Understand ShakespeareConner, Marc CAudiobook CDCD 822 Conner
Language A to ZMcWhorter, John HAudiobook CDCD 410 McWhorter
Shakespeare, the Word and the ActionSaccio, PeterAudiobook CDCD 822.33 Saccio 2001
Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia MinorHarl, Kenneth WAudiobook CDCD 939.2 Harl 2001
The Psychology of PerformanceHow to Be your Best in LifeAudiobook CDCD 158.1 Psychology
The Persian EmpireLee, John W. I.Audiobook CDCD 935 Lee 2012
How Conversation Works6 Lessons for Better CommunicationCurzan, AnneAudiobook CD302.346 Curzan, A
Understanding InvestmentsFullenkamp, ConnelAudiobook CDCD 332.6 Fullenkamp
Effective Communication SkillsKehoe, DaltonAudiobook CDCD 302.2 Kehoe 2011
The Music of Richard WagnerGreenberg, RobertAudiobook CDCD 780.92 Greenberg
Thinking Like An EconomistA Guide to Rational Decision MakingBartlett, RandallAudiobook CD330.01 Bartlett, R
Stress and your BodySapolsky, Robert MAudiobook CDCD 155.9042 Sapolsky
The World Was Never the SameEvents That Changed HistoryFears, J. RufusAudiobook CDCD 909 Fears
Life Lessons From the Great BooksAudiobook CDCD 808.8 Life 2009
The Darwinian RevolutionPart 1 of 2Gregory, FrederickAudiobook CDCD 576.8 Gregory
Classic Novels[meeting the Challenge of Great Literature]Weinstein, Arnold LAudiobook CDCD 809.3 Weinstein
Masterpieces of the Imaginative MindLiterature's Most Fantastic WorksRabkin, Eric SAudiobook CDCD 809.915 Rabkin 2007
The African ExperienceFrom "Lucy" to Mandela. Part 1 of 3Vickery, Kenneth PowersAudiobook CDCD 960 Vickery 2006
Books That Have Made HistoryBooks That Can Change your LifeFears, J. RufusAudiobook CDCD 011.73 Fears 2005
Great Authors of the Western Literary TraditionAudiobook CDCD 809 Great 2004
From Jesus to ConstantineA History of Early ChristianityEhrman, Bart DAudiobook CDCD 270 Ehrman
From Yao to Mao5000 Years of Chinese HistoryHammond, Kenneth JamesAudiobook CDCD 951 Hammond
The SymphonyGreenberg, RobertAudiobook CDCD 784.2 Greenberg 2004
BiologyThe Science of LifeNowicki, StephenAudiobook CDCD 570 Nowicki
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