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Jul 19, 2021LisaTran_30 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The content of the book is about a shepherd boy named Santiago in Spain, he wanted to explore everywhere, so he boldly went on a journey of his own. On a starry night, while he was sleeping in an old dilapidated church, he had a strange dream about the treasure that need he finds out. Even though it was just a dream that he didn't know if it was real or a dream and it sounded a bit far-fetched, this boy still decided to go in search of the real treasure. The journey to find the treasure of the boy had to go through and encountered many difficulties and dangers that were always lurking, sometimes being cheated, sometimes running out of money… but the boy was still highly determined to continue the journey process. For this book The Alchemist, the lessons and messages will be given by the author straightforwardly and concisely, helping the reader not to have to think and spend too much time thinking about the message of this book. Obviously, with this simple way of conveying the content and reaching readers directly like this, it will be easier for readers to access the book faster, which may also be the reason why this book is loved and appreciated selling like that. This is a book that we should read, it will give you more motivation, give useful lessons and advice to help you easily achieve what you want, especially for dreamers who are lost in their journey pursuit of happiness and pursuit of dreams.