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Jul 01, 2021
This book follows Addie throughout 300 years, from the 1700s to the present. She is afraid she’s wasting her life, so in a panic she makes a deal with a demon: she lives forever, but nobody remembers her, until in the present day, she meets Henry, the first person who can remember her in 300 years. I did like this book, but mostly because of the ending. I felt like parts of it could have gone more in depth about different historical events, since there are countless important historical events that take place during the timeframe of this book. Addie also wasn’t the most relatable or likeable main character, but that wasn't a huge issue because there is also another main character, Henry, who in my opinion was very likeable, and much more relatable. Overall, this book wasn’t perfect but I thought it was still quite enjoyable, especially the ending.