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Jun 21, 2021makaylamann rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Addie loves her freedom in life, no kids, no husband, just Addie and her art. After a surprise wedding that leaves her panicked she does the one thing that she was told to never do; pray to the old gods at night. Now Addie is thrust into a deal that grants her immortality and the ultimate freedom, but all good things come with a dangerous price. No one will remember her, she can leave no mark on anything in her new eternal life. She continues her life living as a ghost, until one day the unthinkable happens. She meets a boy who remembers her. Honestly I really loved this book. I loved the way they portrayed her curse in the book and I loved how they developed her complex relationship with the “Devil”. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who might seem interested in the genre. However, I would say this is for 14+ readers do to some more serious themes.