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Jun 17, 2021AkashSeelam rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Harry is in big trouble with the ministry - He used magic, but for self-defense. However, no one will believe him. The magical world deems him a liar. Dumbledore is considered senile. His friends are rebuffing him. And to top it all off, he got a new teacher who is determined to hate him... This book was very interesting. It talked about Harry in the worst time of his life - a period where the world refuses to believe him. He is alone, except for his two best friends. I really liked this book because it talks about the power of optimism. Harry found ways to find happiness amidst all the gloom - while the wizarding world was crumbling around him. He decides to go against everyone to try and finally prove that he was indeed correct when he said Lord Voldemort was back. However - what will that take? Spoiler Alert - THIS BOOK IS VERY SAD. Rating: 5/5