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Apr 26, 2021AaronAardvark1940 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
My daughter read this in her book club and suggested it to me. Based on some of the comments, many readers are quite a bit younger than I. It has been at least fifty years since I've heard "passing" used in the sense of this book - usually it's a euphemism to avoid saying "death." The danger involved in passing is clearly elucidated in this book. Clare’s physical success has left a hole in her emotional life, not to say that Irene’s life is entirely satisfactory. This little psychodrama is written in stream-of-consciousness style that takes us through events by reflecting Irene’s conflicted and sometimes confusing thoughts. Although the novel is 100 years old, the style is modern and easy to read. Wondering why I had not heard of Larsen before this book, I found on Wikipedia that she had some racial conflict within her own life, which could have inhibited her output. A great background piece for the struggles that continue today.