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Feb 02, 2021khristinemarcinowski rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
The Alchemist follows the journey of Santiago, a shepherded from Spain who seeks out treasure foretold through his dreams. Throughout his journey, he strives towards attaining his Personal Legend through learning the Language of the Universe, reading omens and listening to his heart. I was looking forward to an uplifting, and inspiring journey about a simple shepherded boy, taking the leap into unknown lands; meeting strange and wonderful people , travel to new places, discover diverse cultures and ultimately finding his place in the world. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to discovered that this story had little substance and wisdom to share and here's why: The Alchemist takes the most compelling aspects of the story and uses them instead as vague tools to preach the repetitive and common advise such as; follow your dreams, listen to your heart, take risks, be more observant, everything happens for a reason, or to trust in a higher power. While I believe those are all wonderful things to write and share with the world, The Alchemist delivers those messages flatly through one dimensional characters in a world setting that felt incomplete. All the characters in this book only serve one purpose - and that purpose is to push Santiago towards his Personal Legend. They are used as plot devices to move the story along and provide Santiago lessons and omens to add to his rather uninspiring journey. The writing was repetitive and uninspiring. As a result, throughout the entirety of the story I was bored and underwhelmed.