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Jun 16, 2020gippy011 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
The Alchemist - Book Review The Alchemist is a Portuguese novel published in 1988 and was later translated into English. It follows an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago as he seeks to interpret a recurring dream in a journey of self-discovery in the Arabian desert. The novel is focused on the development of Santiago’s character as the reader learns a lot about him such as his past and his desires. And the novel does this very well. Santiago is a very compelling character and the direction of the plot is perfect for him and his development. There is a clear vision that Coehlo exerts and it’s clear he has something to say about humans and what we should consider important in our lives. While some of the introductions of certain characters and decisions can be jarring at first the story presents it and then as more information is provided it makes more sense. However, it can turn off certain people but it’s ideal if the reader fully finishes the novel and understands it completely. Insightful, intuitive, and teeming with excellent character development the Alchemist is everything a reader would want in a novel with a clear vision. Age Rating: 12 and above 5 out of 5 stars