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Sep 13, 2019penelopegomez rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
Was this book bad? No, it just wasn't for me... If you like scary gross monsters, you will probably like this book.This book is full of weird monsters and friendly robots. There is also magic and danger, etc. ...I just felt like there was way too much going on in this book. For example in the very beginning of the book Emily's father dies, then we fast forward two years and Emily and her family move into a new home. Right away there's an issue of her mom being kidnapped by monsters. This book literally introduces you to Magic, then monsters... okay... but then the author was like 'that's not good enough, let me throw in a talking bunny!... hmm still not enough lets throw in Robots... this plot isn't weird enough lets throw in flying cars and robot houses that walk around!' Literally this author had enough ideas for 6 different books but then decided to cram them all together into one. This book just had too much going on for me. It is a series, so if this author managed to cram so much into book 1, like what is even left for the rest of the series??! I might read more just to see what else this author can invent! I will say this book just wasn't for me ... but this book is also probably meant for like 9 year old boys to read. If i was a 9 year old boy I probably would have been like, "THIS BOOK IS AWESOME!" There was always something new to grab my attention, and there was definitely never a dull moment in this book.