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Jul 08, 2019EljayJohnson rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
Very well-written and compelling. For almost all of this short book, I thought I was reading a satirical book about race, sex, urban intellectuals, and privilege from the POV of Maria, a self-loathing, unbalanced young biracial woman trying to manage an emotional crisis. Maria is a Ph.D student obsessed with the Jonestown massacre, the subject of her dissertation. She's engaged to Khalil, a lovely man, and together they're the subject of a documentary about "new people;" bi/multi-racial young urbanites in late 1990s trendy Brooklyn. She's obsessed with a male poet in her social circle; viciously despises her future sister-in-law; coming to terms with the death of her adoptive African-American mother. All of this has Maria untethered and lost; she is nothing short of extremely unlikable, making many awful choices, and truly a bitch to people who actually care for her. However, the ending takes a sharp turn down a darker path and I realized Maria is not only rage-filled and self-destructive, but much more dangerous than that. Fascinating and ugly, dark and gripping. This is one I would love to discuss.