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Feb 02, 2019kaliko rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Very happy to read another Avatar comic showcasing the same calibre of comprehensive storywriting that made the show so great! When I first started The Rift series, I was thinking the political time might make it less interesting than The Promise and the Search. But the story also had a strong relationship and spirit focus, and if you're a Toph fan, this is a must-read. As lovable as Aang can be, it was inspiring how Toph would still hold her ground (*ba-dump-psh*) against not just her friend, but the Avatar, in protection of her different but equally valid views. There are many themes in this comic including tradition vs change, environment vs industry, nature vs humanity, and themes of forgiveness. This series also has a few more Easter eggs that sets up little plot details in Legend of Korra. Great read!