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Jan 29, 2019swtpete rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Cute movie, excellent messages and life lessons for young people. 3of5stars. However, had some boring lulls. "Incroyable" that the lead actress/orphan could transform from klutz to French Opera House star graceful ballerina, *and* learn the choreography so quickly. The inventor orphan boy Victor was the best part. Kate McKinnon and Mel Brooks do amazing voices. 3 warnings- 1. The 2nd two of the 3 DVD Bonuses are in French audio by default so you have to hit Subtitle/Caption on your remote. 2. Produced in part by 'The Weinstein Companies,' and I saw *Bob* Weinstein in the credits 2017, but I'm pretty sure HARVEY was *not* part of the crew, and 3. Movie Goof at 0m58s in!, the scene where Felicie says You're not my Mom: a gifted box of red or orange ballet shoes disappears from the kitchen table! :) See also: Titanic, Annie, The Karate Kid, Eliza Doolittle.. :)