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kaylenebrady made a comment Aug 09 2021
"I figured out the current murderer less than halfway through. The lack of resolution for the old murders was BS. I'm going to read a second book by this author to see if this was a fluke. If not, done with this author. Reader beware." Permalink
kaylenebrady rated a title Aug 09 2021
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kaylenebrady added a title to their For later shelf Aug 05 2021
When a recent murder bears a resemblance to a killing from almost two centuries ago, WICH-TV reporter and amateur sleuth Lee Barrett delves deeper than ever into Salem's past, and into her own psychic gifts, to catch a killer.
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Dec 18 2020
"I picked up this book because it appeared on a list of good psychological suspense titles. Wrong. I guess this type of book appeals to some people, but I found it a waste of time. In the first few pages, you get a sense of what the book is abou..." Permalink
kaylenebrady made a comment Dec 18 2020
"I've loved her other books. This is an extreme departure and I honestly wasn't pleased about that. It was interesting, but I don't read her books for sex scenes. Hopefully she will return to writing about the local community we've all grown to kno..." Permalink
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