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Thank You for Voting
The Maddening, Enlightening, Inspiring Truth About Voting in America
Book - 2020
What You Need to Know About Voting and Why
Book - 2020
Voter Suppression in the United States
Book - 2020
One Person, No Vote
How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy
Book - 2018
Changing How America Votes
Book - 2018
Election Meltdown
Dirty Tricks, Distrust, and the Threat to American Democracy
Book - 2020
The Democracy Fix
How to Win the Fight for Fair Rules, Fair Courts, and Fair Elections
Book - 2019
Stolen Justice
The Struggle for African-American Voting Rights
Book - 2020
The Voting Rights War
The NAACP and the Ongoing Struggle for Justice
Book - 2016
The Hidden History of the War on Voting
Who Stole your Vote, and How to Get It Back
Book - 2020
Give Us the Ballot
The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America
Book - 2015
The Politics of Voter Suppression
Defending and Expanding Americans' Right to Vote
Book - 2012
The Fight to Vote
Book - 2016
Ballot Blocked
The Political Erosion of the Voting Rights Act
Book - 2017
Buying the Vote
A History of Campaign Finance Reform
Book - 2014
Bending Toward Justice
The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy
Book - 2013
Five Dollars and A Pork Chop Sandwich
Vote Buying and the Corruption of Democracy
Book - 2016
Voting Rights
Opposing Viewpoints
Book - 2008
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