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Photography's hidden gems.
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Examples of photographer's work, methodology, unsung heroes & changes over the years. Plus the oddballs.
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Women in Medicine Women in Medicine
A Celebration of Their Work
Book - 2004
Firefly Books
610.695 G76w
It's A Snap! It's A Snap!
George Eastman's First Photograph
Book - 2009
Tundra Books
J921 E137k
Lighting and Flow Posing Lighting and Flow Posing
Techniques for Boudoir Photography
Book - 2017
Amherst Media
778.92 M46L
Retro Glamour & Pinup Photography Retro Glamour & Pinup Photography
Creative Techniques for Studio Photographers
Book - 2017
Amherst Media
778.92 B29r
Helmut Newton Helmut Newton
Book - 2000
779 N56wo
Faking It Faking It
Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop
Book - 2012
Metropolitan Museum of Art Distributed by Yale University Press
779 F495f
Dorothea Lange Dorothea Lange
A Life Beyond Limits
Book - 2010
W.W. Norton
770.92 L27g
Armed With Cameras Armed With Cameras
The American Military Photographers of World War II
Book - 1993
Free Press Maxwell Macmillan Canada Maxwell Macmillan International
770.973 M39a
About A Girl About A Girl Book - 2013
20th Century Photography 20th Century Photography Book - 2005
779 M986t1
Nude Photography Nude Photography
The Art and the Craft
Book - 2007
DK Pub
778.92 B14n
Girl on Girl Girl on Girl
Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze
Book - 2017
Laurence King Publishing Ltd
779.2 J35g
The Digital Female Nude The Digital Female Nude Book - 2010
Photographers Institute Press
778.92 A21d
A History of Women Photographers A History of Women Photographers Book - 2010
Abbeville Press Publishers
770.92 R81h1
Real. Sexy. Photography Real. Sexy. Photography
The Art and Business of Boudoir
Book - 2016
Amherst Media, Inc
778.92 K64r
Why You Like This Photo Why You Like This Photo
The Science of Perception
Book - 2018
770.1 D57w
National Geographic Rarely Seen National Geographic Rarely Seen
Photographs of the Extraordinary
Book - 2015
National geographic
779 Nat
National Geographic Image Collection National Geographic Image Collection Book - 2009
Focal Point National Geographic
779 N2775na
50 Photographers You Should Know 50 Photographers You Should Know Book - 2016
Prestel Publishing Ltd
779 S827f1
Photos Framed Photos Framed
A Fresh Look at the World's Most Memorable Photographs
Book - 2014
Candlewick Press
J779 T48p
Remake Remake
Master Works of Art Reimagined
Book - 2015
Chronicle Books
YA779.975 R38h
The Polar Bear Waltz and Other Moments of Epic Silliness The Polar Bear Waltz and Other Moments of Epic Silliness
Classic Photographs From Outside Magazine's "Parting Shot"
Book - 2002
779 P762o
The Camera Does the Rest The Camera Does the Rest
How Polaroid Changed Photography
Book - 2016
The University of Chicago Press
771.3 P7B9c
A Triumph of Genius A Triumph of Genius
Edwin Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War
Book - 2015
771.3 P7F4t
Photobooth Photobooth
A Biography
Book - 2014
Conundrum Press
770.9 F55p
Life on Instagram Life on Instagram
Book - 2016
Particular Books
770.28553 Ins
Lillian Bassman Lillian Bassman
Book - 2012
779 B321Li
Asian Street Fashion Asian Street Fashion Book - 2014
Thames & Hudson Ltd
391.0095 B47a
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