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Not a basketball fan? This book is a superhero story, not just a sports book. Not a reader? This book is funny and a fast read. Not a graphic novel fan? This book is a human story, not just a comic book. Not a fan of comic books? This story is full of the human spirit and the complexities of social interactions.

A hard book to put into a neat category, but a worthwhile read.

Gene Luen Yang is perfecting the art of storytelling through the graphic novel, and Dragon Hoops lives up. Told from his point of view as a high school teacher/comic book author/non-athletic-type, he nevertheless "jumps on the bandwagon" and chronicles his high school's run for state basketball championship. He follows the team through the season, and traces how each player and coach had a unique background that made them into the person on the court. Yang suggests that our background AND our "courage to take that next step" shape who we become.

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