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Stories about The Merry Little Breezes distracting a boy from finding a redwing egg, Reddy Fox trying to scare Johnny Chuck, a Merry Little Breeze warning the Bob Whites about predators coming, Reddy Fox trying to fish, Jimmy Skunk looking for beetles, a swimming party, Peter Rabbit playing a prank, Old Mother West Wind revealing a nut thief, Jerry Muskrat throwing a party, animals playing pranks, looking for the best thing in the world, Little Joe Otter’s slippery slide, a young trout who didn’t mind his mother, and a race.
Also, fanciful origin stories about why frogs do not have tails and why skunks have a white stripe.
This was Burgess' very first published book, and it is not his best work. The animal behavior described is often not as naturalistic as in his later books. These stories were originally written to be read to the author's 4yo son, and they appeal mainly to very young children. For older kids, a much better introduction to Burgess is "Tommy and the Wishing Stone", which King County Library System has.

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